Uncaulked Faux Gable Vents – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

Two different houses. We inspected both these houses recently. All the faux gable vents were missing caulking at the top, a perfect way to catch and trap water against the home’s stucco! This small repair will save the homeowner’s a larger headache in the future.

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1927 Mansion on the Bay – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

We had a great time inspecting the beautiful 1927 historical home in Sarasota. The home is part of the National Register. Thomas Reed Martin, the famous architect designed the home and the home was built by William Burns himself! The fireplace which is the centerpiece of the formal living room was a gift from John Ringling. The home is a truly stunning and unique piece of living history. I could imagine John Ringling smoking cigars on the patio!

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Map Of Recent Sarasota Home Inspections – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

Here’s a map of our recent inspections! Direct inspections specializes in home inspections throughout Sarasota County and Manatee County. The purpose of this page is to provide you with a level of comfort and understanding of the area that we serve. We have inspected in nearly every community and neighborhood in the region. We are intimately familiar with all building styles, ages and materials. While many people consider Sarasota a paradise, you’ll want to be sure the home you are buying will provide you with the same experience.
Here is a map of our recent home inspections performed in the Sarasota and Manatee area. We serve the entire region from Anna Maria Island down to Venice and all the towns and cities in between.


Washing Machine Standpipe Missing – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

Recently we inspected a Sarasota home where the seller had installed a washing machine on the lanai. The drainage for this washer was inadequate. The drain line was run up and into the home, eventually meeting up with the sewer line somewhere. The problem with this setup is that when the washing machine pump stops pumping the dirty water out, all the dirty water in the line will run back into the machine.

The correct setup is to install a standpipe with an air gap that will not allow water to be siphoned back into the washing machine. There are additional requirements for standpipes. They’re height should not exceed 30 in and should not be less then 18 in. Also the trap is not allowed to be in the floor but rather should be elevated above the floor at least 6 in. This setup will allow water to drain properly from the washing machine without the risk of siphoning water back into the washing machine.

Dryer Vent – Bad Installation – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

We recently inspected this house that had a new roof put on. Up in the attic they had used metal flexible vent for the dryer line and combined it into the bathroom exhaust line. There’s a few problems with this. First leave the dryer vent line in the attic should be constructed of smooth rigid metal so that lint does not get caught on the interior ribs which can lead to a dryer fire. Secondly, the bathroom and the laundry needs separate vents through the roof so that the dryer does not force humid air back down into the bathroom.

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Sarasota Roof Inspections

On this page you’ll find some recent photos of roofing problems we discovered while performing roof inspections. Whenever possible we walk the roof to get a closer view of the roof’s condition. Cracked tiles, ponding water, broken vents and exposed nails are a few of the issues we see on a regular basis. Throughout the Sarasota area, you’ll find a variety of roofing materials are used including tile, shingle, metal as well as some lesser common materials. A quality roofing inspection is essential to determining the state of the the roof. Be cautious of anyone who tells you, “it’s fine, never had a problem.” It is always better to have an unbiased opinion of the roof’s condition.