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When is a water heater old enough to proactively replace?

A lot of my home inspection customers are worried about their water heaters rightly so. Water heaters can be in good shape visually but the internal components may be failing due to age. The first step is to find out how old the water heater is. Some water heaters will clearly state their age on the label, while others hide information within a code. Buildingcenter.org can be very helpful in determining the age of coded mechanical equipment such as water heaters and HVAC equipment.

IR Cameras: Inspecting for Moisture Intrusion(IR) Infrared Cameras – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

An infrared imaging device detects variations in the temperature of subjects captured in its viewfinder. The deviations in temperature are represented visually as differences in color – hence the name, “thermal imaging.” IR imaging reveals latent moisture in a structure by displaying it in contrast with the building materials. The intrusion of water within walls, floors, ceilings and support structures from mechanical and plumbing leaks, as well as the buildup of ambient moisture can be detected this way. In real estate inspection terms, this tool is invaluable because it allows moisture intrusion to not only be located, but also detected when it is just in its early stages.

Septic Systems – Home Inspection Sarasota FL | Direct Inspections

In the Sarasota and Manatee region, septic systems are commonly found at coastal and rural areas that have not yet been hooked up to the public sewer system. A septic system is a self-contained, highly efficient underground wastewater treatment system. The function of a septic system is to treat and then disperse the waste water from individual private homes or commercial buildings. Responsibility for regulating the system usually belongs to state or local municipal authorities. These organizations, as well as homeowners, rely on information and assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to better maintain and manage septic systems with the aim of preventing failures that could prove detrimental to water quality and, ultimately, human health.

Thank you Jill !!

“I had Direct Inspections out this week to inspect a home I was interested in. What a great group of people. Michael brought a team with him…..a/c guy Tony who was very informative, roofer Sean who was terrific, pest control Tom and Rick who crawled into places I would never go
Michael was the best. He was there early, walked the whole place with me after, answered my million questions and then followed up with me in the evening in case I had thought of more questions.
The report was super including names and #s for recommended repairs.
Use Direct Inspections!!!! So worth the $$!!!!” – Jill Antonovich Moreno